Friday, November 27, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood: the wolf’s perspective (raw and unheard)

Note: author of this story is unknown; I received it as an email in Arabic and decided to translate it for you guys.

Deep in the forest, lived this nice good wolf. He never liked predatory behaviour, or eating meat. Therefore, he decided to become a vegetarian because meat was not an option. He survived by eating vegetables and herbs. However, he was not alone. There also was this evil girl who lived with her grandma in the woods. Her name was Little-Red-Riding-Hood.

She was out in the forest every day wreaking havoc, deracinating flowers and destroying grass that the wolf lived on. Also, she demolished the beauty of the forest, while the wolf tried badly to speak to her again and again to not repeat this bad behaviour. However, little miss evil ignored his advice and remained trampling the grass and deracinating flowers. So, after serious desperate attempts to convince her, he realized it was useless and decided to visit her grandma at her house to complain about her reckless habit.

When he went to the grandma's house and knocked on the door, she opened it with a serious look on her face. Evil must have run in the family because she immediately started beating him with her cane; attacking him for no reason. So out of fear, terror, and helplessness, the good wolf had to push her away from himself as self-defense. As a tragic result, she fell on the ground hitting her head on the edge of the bed, dying instantly. When he acknowledged what happened, he became very sad. It moved him so much that he cried in disbelief of his actions. He started thinking about poor Little Red on how she will have to live without her grandma, and the amount of heartache she will be going through. At these thoughts, he grieved and sobbed in agony.

After sulking for so long, he decided to hide the body of her grandma, take her clothes and disguise himself as the grandma to deceive Little Red with the intention of providing her the love and care she has just lost due to her grandma’s accidental death. Once she arrived home, he jumped in bed impersonating her grandma. Although, evil Little Red noticed immediately that her grandma's nose and ears were unusually large. Especially the moment she looked into his eyes, she realized it was the wolf. So, she opened the door and ran far away.

Since then evil Little Red never stopped exaggerating and spreading false rumours that the wolf was bad and that he devoured her grandma and tried to eat her too.

Well folks that just goes to show that there always is two sides to a story