Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the time zone on my blog is upsidedown, cuz all my posts so far r during AM not PM

Monday, June 1, 2009

Man U .VS. Barcaputa

As you all know the devastating results, I wrote this post the night of the game as soon as I got back, but 4got 2 publish it :s so here it is folks: enjoy!

we just got back from the game, it was fucking bull manure! Man U were very disappointing! it was completely obvious that manchester were not even trying to make an effort except for (swine flu AKA rooney, ronaldo, and scarface). dnt no why they were full of apathy with an idiotic attitude of "we won last year so why bother this year...let the little people have a go" I still can't believe how boring that game was, we missed so many opportunities; it was pathetic! however i do salute barca for their superb formation, but us we were like wilderbeasts or blondes on a black friday "OMG 2 many sales!"

let me tel u wat went on during the game this year. My crew headed out b4 me 2 the cafe (yes cafe not pub! cuz wer in sauchi arabia) anyway by the time I found a place to park, and entered I found them sitting in the 1st row cuz we VIP! returning champions! (after the game I changed my mind, wer more like champignon!!) despite a few infidels with us chearing for barcaputa. 
before the starting ceremony I texted two of my best bros in canadia cuz we watched the finals last year 2gether wen we beat chelsea, anyway 1 of them chears 4 liverpool who didnt make it 2 the finals. 
the following conversation took place the night of 27th may 2009,  between msyelf, abz, and Rad from canadia. hostility and sarcasm lingered in the air. as the ceremony ended I receive a msg from rad "for today guys: VIVA BARCA!" I turn 2  abz with a "oh no he didnt!" look. I show abz the msg and decide to reply "whatever dude, Man U will beat U!"
as the 1st 1/2 ended, things didnt look so well, so we all decided to go out 4 a break and cigs. wen we got back inside 2 watch the second 1/2, I receive a msg from rad more annoying then the 1st 1, purposely rubbing facts in my face! " did abz have a heart attack yet? I hope u didnt bite all of ur finger nails off and fuck ur fingers up! u guys r going 2 go thru another 45 minutes of rapage!" so out of defense I wrote back"where is liverpoo?! (as in poop) I dont see them!"
the match ended wer all fn pissed, cuz it was clearly obvious our defense was shitty & we had no formation watsoever like a man without a plan ( what a gay saying).
we head 2 mcdo drive thru, just wen i thought the pain was over I hear my mobile ring! I open it and read "sitting home with the FIVE champions league trophies we won, and the more important question is wer r the mancs? i thought they had a final 2 play in 2day!?" OUCH! he used my own comeback against me (double whammy upside curve left streak SLAP in the face!) so abz decides 2 reply "this is abz calling out to u from old trafford, we lost tonight but won last year so better luck 2 us all next year" I added "moe...confused :s"

the next time round we better nail it! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! KEEP THE RED FLAG FLYING HIGH!