Thursday, August 27, 2009

Electricity Blackout

Alright so my new entry is on an electricity blackout that I am currently experiencing. I usually write my journal entries using Word then upload them to my blog but this time I decided to directly write on blogspot. Though they have an automated saving prompter every minute, it didn’t work with me this time! Guess I found a hole in the system (whatcha think about that nerds!)

I wrote a bit but the electricity went out here! :s so this is what I could remember

from what I wrote:

There we were my cousins, 2 friends and I having our routine poker night. Everyone was tipsy going on drunk. Here is how the game went Fuzz: “I deal!... 5 card draw nukkas” The 1st round goes by and blind bets are placed. I change 2 cards, then it was Tammy’s turn. Tammy “you take your cards! At least I still have my dignity!” Me ”haha what!?” Fuzz “ what Dignity?“

2nd round passes by, Fuzz bet all in and Gabby seems confident. Gabby” you smell that…?” Susu “smell what?” Gabby “I smell like a winner…Fuzz I see you” Tammy “ smell like a Mexican in heat” Cards are revealed, and Gabby wins. Out of the blue Fuzz grabs all the money. Everyone at once “what are you doing!?” Fuzz “ I have a flush” Gabby “who are you kidding?” Fuzz “woman it’s a nigga flush so nigga hush”

As Susu took over and redistributed the cards Abz, Tammy, and I went into the kitchen to get drinks. Tammy started grabbing ice like an Eskimo and did not stop pouring ice into her cup. Abz saw this & yelled “what’s wrong with you! Are you going to feed a polar bear!?” I cracked up.

When we sat back down at the table, the lights suddenly went off and we heard my grandma screaming in the dark “WHO'S HAPPEN!!” (She speaks her own version of English, what she means is “what’s going on”). So we all rushed inside the kitchen to get flashlights and all we saw were floating candles moving towards us. It took me quiet a few seconds to realize what was going on. I realized it was the maids carrying the candles rather than one of my cousins being baptized again by my grandmother. My aunt called one of the drivers to go check on the power meter and it seemed that everything was fine. I looked outside the window and noticed that the whole street was out. So I called the electricity provider and they told me that they would send someone to help us shortly.

To pass the time I grabbed my camera and spontaneously started taking pics of everyone in the dark! Their facial expressions were hilarious! One looked like a constipated hamster, while the other had his eyes wide open like a cocaine addict, and for the third living the role of a gangster being prepared for a mug shot! . (I would have uploaded the pictures for you but they all made me promise not to if I wanted to keep them). After that I called an electrician cause when I called the ministry back to check with them, I found out that their representative was going to be late. Just as I hung up, the lights started flickering on and off simultaneously for the next 30 minutes. It was like a ghost house or a grand tour at Amy Winehouse’s room at rehab centre. Ironically, the electrician just arrived and the electricity is working normally again. My grandma looks sick cause the electrician reeks of BO. It’s really indescribable!

Alrite folks I hope you have been enjoying my blogs. I got to go so ill leave you with this quote from my grandma commenting on the electrician “ He smelli ver’bad too muchi! I don’t know if smell come from up or down!?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ssup readers! What I went through these couple of days was hectic! I couldn’t sign in to my msn cause I forgot my password!! :u (experimental smiley, can u guess my expression?) then I had to go through a long process to verify that I’m the owner of the email. It approximately took a week or so.

advice of the week: keep your passwords simple with numbers and words you can relate to everyday things in your life. If possible use two different passwords or three max.

However, in my case I had 5 or more different passwords! Once I even forgot the password to my laptop which was MY NAME! cause I was away for two months. I hope I don't get diagnosed with premature Alzheimer.