Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flying Sky high: episode 1

This flight occurred sometime in spring 2008.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve flown Saudi airlines, almost 2 years!! Anyway I was shocked 2 find that the TV systems were so advanced that if you have a smart card like Showtime u can watch satellite TV on the plane like MTV, live football matches...pretty cool! I was also travelling 1st class for the 1st time in a very long time!! :D it was worth the freaken money! The place was so damn spacious, I cud stretch my legs as far as the eyes can see! my toes were happy J giggling with joy. Don’t even get me started on the chairs!! They are out of this world literally! As if they came from some sci-fi flick. Their look is so futuristic; they turn into complete beds with the magic of the Zzz button. The TV screens are bigger for greater satisfaction. The toilets actually flush! None of that space-pressure suction in economy class.

However, the boarding was a disaster!! Nightmare is the right word. Our take off was 1/2 an hour delayed, so to pass the time they started to put animal videos on the screen, you’d see 2 rhinos fucking but hear bird sounds haha (I know retarded!) then it became a Japanese horror flick they kept turning the lights on & off, babies crying…when the pilot came to speak I guess the mic was too close to the speakers so high pitched sounds kept shooting across the plane, a Jordanian woman running from the wc covering her ears about to cry, luggage compartments shaking… Literally an alien flick in the making.... All that was missing was Lil Wayne drooling with 4 arms & 2 heads wit a snake body that is 1/2 machine from General Motors.

After watching Hangover hilarious movie btw, this baby 2 rows in front of me started flirting with me & my sister! We laughed our heads off! It, yes I repeat it kept licking its lips and semi winking at us.

We finally reach queen 3aliia airport in Amman at midnight.

A 2 hour flight, and yet another fucking crisis arises!! 4 fucking flights! On the same luggage-claim check point!! It was a catastrophe my suitcase was in a huge pile on the ground, WTF! In rage HAMMUDI SMASH! (I went through a hulk fit with one of the workers there). In the end we made it out and saw our mom, aunt, and cousins. We thought the craziness was over but nooooooo, as we left the airport, there were 2 Jordanian students who arrived from abroad (it looked like they just graduated). So to celebrate the crazy bedouins started making a festival in the middle of the airport. Then as we drove away they were on front of us shooting fire works from a pickup truck!! towards cars!! we dodged 2!! finally we arrived 2 my uncle's house safely.

Imagine all this in one night!! I swear an epic movie

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