Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello my fellow readers, damn its been almost a week without internet, I mean TV I can handle but internet NIKKA THE HELLZ NA!

Lots to tell you!

Just got back from my vacation. I am seriously sunburned cause friends and I played volleyball and swam for 6 hours with no sun block!
Also I have a Hitler moustache now cause I lost a bet with my cousin :s

My next entries  will feature a drunk scale that my cousin and I devised, as well as a reflection on driving lessons.

So stay tuned!


  1. "Also I have a Hitler moustache now cause I lost a bet with my cousin"

    Completely irreverent, yet painfully hilarious. The fact that you fail to expound on this fashion disaster is comedy in and of itself.

  2. Im getting driving lessons too, soonish, when I can get my lazy self to do it.
    As for the moustache, did he tell you how long it should be there? :p just giving you a loop hole

  3. lool I have critics now! :)

    MV I added that moustache bit cause I was updating my readers on my condition after my vacation but yea it does seem random.

    Roe, driving is easier than you think, unless it was manual. as for the loop hole, nice strategy but I can't go further cause I never really measured it.