Wednesday, May 27, 2009

that's HOT!

here in saudi scorching heat is something very common during late spring and summer seasons but this time it's too much. on the news now, weather broadcasters are forecasting a major heat wave coming our way! temperature might even reach 60 degrees Celsius! just when I thought susan boyle was the only thing hotter than global warming 
its shitty u no day or night now u feel like ur trapped in a hair drier with disgusting hot winds 24/7! (yet ur clothes dnt shrink) 
I wonder how peps on the equator feel! probably by now they can cauz sparks by just blinking.
I can personally light a match on my tongue...
thankfully sweating here in the sandy kingdom is in one's own favour cuz it acts as a natural cooling system when ac's r unavailable.

the weather anchors are surprisingly conveniant now in oppose to what they forgot to warn us about months ago. I am not sure if u guys had seen it on the news but it was this major sandstorm that engulfed Riyadh (the capital of KSA, the city I live in, my hometown, il shut up now). it was so massive! I was in my kitchen ready to leave to the gym when literally in a second I felt the kitchen get darker; so I looked out the window and noticed my whole garden was orange! (MARS! was the exact word and planet that came to my mind)
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ps. my friends arrived (our weekly BBQ, usually on friday's), so I have to go cook some meat  and sausages on the marble tiles in my front yard

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