Friday, May 28, 2010

Comedy shows absurdity

We’ve all been to comedy cafes, stand-up shows of our favorite artists. If not then you must’ve watched them on TV or DVD.  You know how you make inside jokes with your friends but never bother to actually patent them or publicize it as a work of your own then suddenly see it on a show or hear someone else use it. Well that’s what I go through more often than you think. It is like how Ross on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. used to claim that he invented “Got milk?”. The first time I noticed this is while watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) when Drew Barrymore appeared on the news segment with floppy long boobs I F’N INVENTED THAT! A few years before they even came up with that sketch.

Even two months ago at a comedy show in Riyadh, I saw local comedians use jokes I came up with 4 years ago when I was 16. For instance women with veils, what are they hiding up there!? Or they look like aliens. Another joke they used was how would a guy pee at a urinal wearing a thobe (a thobe is the traditional Arabic clothes of the Mid-East Gulf region) I invented this when I was 14 at Fuddruckers.  Also, one of my brother’s classic sarcasms when someone does something extremely lame: you’re so cool! Please add me on Facebook and be my friend!

Using people’s content is fine as long as you add to it or change most of it into your own version. Cause seriously, no one wants to end up like lousy comedians who use recycled jokes over and over.

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  1. AGREED! (i hate when people use my stuff and then totally do not admit to it and claim that they were the originators of it. like, PBFT. please.)