Friday, September 27, 2013

Twitter Mine and I'll twitter yours

"Taking a glimpse at the web you can easily realize that Twitter is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle. Millions around the world are talking about what they are doing at the exact minute of posting. they are sharing ideas and having conversations live. The best part is that anyone can join a conversation!" – Anonymous

MindDrive, an NPO focused on urban youth's innovative development, helped their students design & build a car fueled by social media! The car's engine converted online social activity into fuel. Check out their summer road trip from K.C. to D.C.

On another note, Larry, the Twitter bird, can virtually be found as a social network icon on every website. You will notice that they're all static and standardized, which pops the question, why not be different?

This is where artistic minds swoop in, reincarnating him from the ashes as the blue phoenix he is. Here are some of my favorite ones:


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