Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Cacao Drama Not Written by Hershey

I had a dream last night…

I was running around inside a mall, looking for a chocolate store, which I think represented freedom. I was racing the clock so it must have been closing time.

I could not find the chocolate I need to free myself. So I bought a few here and there, trying to combine them into "The Freedom Piece" to release myself.

As I was assembling the pieces, mixing combinations, I heard a familiar voice. When I looked up ahead, I saw 2 friends of mine having lunch at the food court.

I waved and they waved back. It was comforting. I felt relieved and good seeing them. It restored my faith that there is still good in this cynical world.

I lost hope and seeing them motivated me to try again in my search for freedom.

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