Saturday, June 27, 2015

The 5 Flag Theory to Polarized Citizenship

I have recently read an article called “A Foreigner in My Own Country”. I completely resonated with it, as I’m a minority within my own society.

Made in the U.K. and assembled in K.S.A. to a Saudi mother and an Iraqi father, I’m considered as a conditional citizen. I was born and raised in the sandy capital of Saudi Arabia. Saudi is my home and I'm proud to be one. For me, being Saudi means making it rain A-rab money… Or so I wish.

We refer to ourselves as a community of halfies. My whole family is that way, maternally and paternally. It is as if we were raped by the U.N.

I never felt discriminated against, until one day I was denied a job to a less qualified candidate due to my nationality.

So if you’re unable to be adopted by Angelina Jolie, the best way to break free of nationality (liabilities opportunities) is to follow a three-flag system by Harry Schultz. The three flags consist of having a

·      Second passport/citizenship in a country that does not tax money earned abroad
·      Safe location for your assets in a tax haven
·      Legal address/residency in a tax haven

To these, W.G. Hill added a fourth & fifth flag,

·      An additional tax haven country as a business base for investment
·      A number of ‘playground countries’ with low consumption tax and VAT for leisure time

You can always reorder the flags to make them more achievable for yourself.

Each flag represents a specific element of your personal finances and is designed to impact and increase your freedom, privacy and wealth with the overall objective: peace of mind.

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